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The Investor
Readiness Course.

Validate your ideas with the help of expert investors!

Live Sessions
A highly interactive format customized to address your specific business case.
Know-how from Industry Experts
Deep dive into the mind of investors who will provide guidance as you build your pitch.
Earn Your Certificate
Receive and share your certificate upon completion.

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USD $2,000
USD $2250
8 weeks, 1 hr. session per week
Live virtual sessions
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A Well-Known Fact

58% of startups who raise a Pre-series A round do not raise a Series A.

We offer the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the realities of forming a successful business. Learn how top companies communicate, pitch, and plan.

Learning Outcomes

A highly interactive format with in-depth lectures, role-play, and vibrant group discussions.

Participants will learn how to navigate the startup ecosystem, gain insights from active investors, and develop a comprehensive and viable business plan.

This knowledge is applicable to both entrepreneurs who want to found a startup as well as intrapreneurs looking to form a new business unit within a large corporate.

Skills you will gain

Competitive Landscape
Business Model
Investor Pitch
Product Roadmap
Customer Validation
Story Telling
Financial Model
Market Trends Analysis
Data Room
Term Sheets

How It Works

Build Your Business Case
Put together a solid business case though-out 8 weeks of 1:1 mentoring and lively group discussions.
Create The Product Plan
Understand the competitive landscape, learn how to leverage journey maps, and validate solutions with active investors.
Deliver Your Investor Pitch
Present your idea to a panel of experts to validate your approach, gather further feedback, and refine your concept.
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Anish Srivastava Founder & CEO
Anish Srivastava

Founder & CEO Vinaj Ventures. Builder and investor. Results driven entrepreneurial executive with 20+ years of experience split between startups and Fortune 500 corporate venture and innovation.  

Passionate about solving business problems, building digital solutions and investing in startups.

Ian Myles
Ian Myles

A native of Scotland and having started professional life in Industrial Design & Technology, Ian has lived & worked in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley.

With a proven track record in commercially viable innovation across industries, he has much international experience with start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.

Who should attend


Founders and working professionals interested in launching a startup or looking to spin off a company from a parent company.


People in the Innovation and R&D space looking to launch a new business or service line within their larger company.


"Both Anish and Ian have been so patient and amiable when approached with questions despite the former being a CEO and the latter, an advisor of a successful investment firm.”

"The class conducted by Anish and Ian is not only insightful but also offers a lot of practical points to be applied in real life, especially for start-up aspirants.”

"I have been fortunate to have the pleasure to learn from Anish and Ian, from whom I have gotten a much clearer viewpoint on how pitch to investors thanks to their deep knowledge and impressive ethics.

"Sessions were insightful and interactive. Anish and Ian were absolutely generous with their experiences and advises in the class. content was real life and practical - thank you once again Anish and Ian :)"

Course Syllabus

8 Sessions in total
Startup Ecosystem Overview

Understand the lifecycle of a startup, investors, accelerators and how large corporations are engaging with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Silicon Valley mindset in building a startup

Learn the key building blocks for setting up a company, the difference between a startup and other new businesses, key ingredients to help increase probability of success.

Developing the idea

This session is focused on exploring the problem statement and market opportunity. What is the problem that is worthy of building a company vs. a feature of a product.  We will dive into approaches for solving the problem and competitive differentiators.

Product plan

Understand what the existing journey map entails vs. the journey map with the proposed solution.  We will also cover the competitive landscape and product differentiators.

Developing the business case

In this session we dive into what it will take to build the product, team composition, costs, potential business models, etc.

Scaling the business

Learn how to develop a plan for growth, projections and a multi-year financial plan.

Term sheet elements

This session is focused on the key elements covered in an agreement between the founders and the investors.

Investor pitch

This final session is focused on bringing all the work together, story telling and presenting the final investor pitch.


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