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Established in 2015, we offer the depth and breadth of strategy and operational experience in innovation and investment as our key differentiator.

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Meet the Vinaj Ventures Team

We are experienced in innovation and venture organizations, accelerators, startups, prototype development, pilots, and commercial deployments in many diverse industries like tech, flavors and fragrances, education, and healthcare.

Anish Srivastava
Founder & CEO

A strategic polyglot who thrives in paving new paths.

Faye Sahai
MNG Director - Telosity

A self-professed chocoholic committed to making a positive impact with innovation and emerging technologies.

Mike Nickelson
Head of Engineering

A composer at heart, always keeps the audience in mind when creating music or developing systems.

Azalia Y. Medina
UX Architect

A tofu fanatic fascinated with the inner workings of the human mind.

Herine Chin
Software Engineer

Loves to make bad puns because they pack a pun-ch.

Raeven Fernandez
UX/UI Designer

A curious, light-hearted spirit who welcomes the unexpected and enjoys a good laugh.

Mark Chan
Venture Analyst

A maker at heart from Legos to Origami.

Ian Myles

A creative generalist, with a strong background in Industrial Design & Technology, is currently building solutions in VR & AI.

Margret Atkinson
Community Manager

Former educator who is inspired by community and is a believer in serendipity.

We are ready to tackle your challenges!

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