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Sony | KOOV: Robotics and Coding Kit Perfect in the Classroom
The Sony KOOV Educational Coding and Robotics Kit helps to shape future problem-solvers, one block at a time. Perfect in the classroom, KOOV is a c...
Exclusive footage of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot | TC Sessions: Robotics
Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert shows off exclusive footage of the Atlas robot. It runs, can move boxes, and much much more.
Multi Purpose AI Robot Justin - Behold The Future
Behold The Future...On August 25th 2017, ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli became the first human to collaborate with an intelligent service robot from s...
Da Vinci Surgical System Effortlessly Sutures Grape
The Da Vinci surgical system is capable of effortlessly suturing and tying knots.
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