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Cradled in Silicon Valley, Vinaj offers consulting in corporate innovation.
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Vinaj, which means commerce, is a boutique innovation agency offering the following services for large companies.
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Crutch Doesn't Require Any Hands To Use
The iWALK 2.0 removes the strain on the underarms and transfers it to your legs, leaving your hands and arms free for daily tasks. You can easily, ...
Real Life Iron Man Jet Suit
The Jet Suit is a device from Gravity Industries that allows you to fly at 32 mph for up to nine minutes. It gives the wearer full control through ...
The Tech Behind a Virtual Museum | Intel Optane Technology | Intel
Intel Optane Technology provides revolutionary memory and storage, empowering VR creators to work at unprecedented speeds. See how Greg Downing fro...
Airobotics makes autonomous drones in a box
Israel-based Airobotics is the first company to develop a fully autonomous drone.
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