Vinaj is a boutique innovation agency based in Silicon Valley with consulting services and an online platform bringing together corporate innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Online Platform

A global hub for corporate innovation


A network of global fortune 500 corporate innovation professionals sharing knowledge, best practices and connectivity


Personalized curated news, innovation thought leadership pieces and emerging technologies


Cloud based tools to support corporate innovation programs and engagement with startups

We Focus on Commercialy
Viable Innovation

Commercially viable innovation for enterprises has become a necessity for survival and growth strategy in large part due to the increasing velocity of new solutions, technologies, business models and customer experiences.

Entamorphosis - noun | enta·mor·pho·sis | \,en-tə-ˈmȯr-fə-səs\

a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an enterprise or an organization

With the combined operating experience in startups and corporate innovation in some of the largest global enterprises, Vinaj’s leadership brings industry best practices to drive commercially viable innovation.

Consulting Services

Vinaj augments your innovation endeavors:

  • Strategy & implementation of innovation mandate, labs, POCs & Pilots
  • Corporate incubators, EIR programs, accelerators and challenges
  • Ecosystem development and partnerships
  • Innovation workshops and speaking engagements
  • Process, governance, portfolio strategy and implementation

Our Methodology

Vinaj's methodology is based on a philosophy of end-to-end strategy and full implementation of innovation programs



Assess key needs, challenges, goals and opportunities



Formulate a strategic plan designed to pursue opportunities under conditions of uncertainty



Undertake programs in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders



Implement plan with efficiency, quality and collaboration



Capture qualitative and quantitative insights to adapt and evolve

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