Videos of Innovative Tech

Moment - IOT product (internet of things)
Moment is an interactive product, designed to convey the warmth of the home in a calm way. Users who far away from home, can receive the non-stress...
Forward wants to be the Apple Store of doctor’s offices
Forward, a new type of medical startup in San Francisco shows us what it could be using A.I. and connected tools.
Power bodysuit
The 'Aura' body suit from Superflex is a wearable for the elderly. It could aid in creating a better quality of life with more mobility.
WT2 Real-Time Translation Earpiece
At TechCrunch's event in Shenzhen last month, we had a chance to test out the WT2, a clever and ambitious device from startup TimeKettle. It's a pa...
MIT's 'living jewelry'
MIT’s ‘living jewelry’ is made up of small robot assistants. For now, most of the robots’ tasks are decorative. The lab is also exploring some inte...
Boston-based Locus Robotics builds autonomous warehouse robots.
The company’s new LRAN technology (Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation) allows multiple robots to work collaboratively. The robots are programmed to...
Hanson Robotics
Doctor David Hanson introduces robots with extremely natural expressions that have human like responses that are intended to build relationships wi...
TC Sessions: Robotics - ReWalk Exosuit
The ReWalk Exosuit makes it easier to carry a heavy load
How Drones are Helping to Plant Trees A Cleaner Future
Presented by Coors-Light // Droneseed is a Seattle-based startup that envisions a future where technology is solving our planet’s deforestation p...
Within Virtual Reality - ZenFone AR | ASUS
Explore and experience immersive virtual reality (VR) with your #ZenFone AR
Virtual Reality on a Social Scale
Despite the hype, virtual reality systems such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have seen sluggish sales. But one east coast company is convinced that V...
DHL makes augmented reality a standard in logistics
At DHL, augmented reality is not science fiction - DHL has established a new standard in order picking for the industry with smart glasses.
Augmented reality smartglasses could replace computers
Tech startup Meta has created smartglasses that could replace your computer and make your workspace fully customizable. The glasses allow you to cr...
IoT Innovations for Energy and Natural Resource Companies
The availability of cost-effective cloud, analytics and machine learning technology now makes it possible for ENR companies to do a lot more with t...
Our “SmartVest” Tracks Health Data So You Can Live Better
Can new tech have a real, positive impact on our health? We’re betting on it with this medical-grade wearable concept straight from our labs.
OrCam MyEye
The OrCam MyEye is a device for the visually impaired that can read text, recognize objects and faces.
Connected, Autonomous Cars | A Driverless Future
Having fully autonomous, driverless vehicles that don’t communicate with each other is a bit like having the world’s smartest people in the same ro...
VirZoom is a VR bike to make losing weight fun
VirZoom is a stationary bike using VR technology for fun and games. You cycle as you play and it can help reduce the motion sickness that sometimes...
Blippar Introduces Automotive Recognition using Computer Vision & Augmented Reality
US streets become a car showroom. Blippar’s technology is first to allow consumers to instantly recognize any vehicle make and model in the entire ...
This remote-controlled lawn mower is like a Roomba for your yard
The Spider Mini is a remote-controlled lawn mower that can cover 800 square feet of grass in an hour. It can go 2.5 mph and cut grass down to 1.5 i...
Concept car contains private pods for each passenger
The future is as unpredictable as ever, and to imagine even the slightest of its contours requires thinking outside the box. Design company IDEO...
Medical Training for Virtual Reality
Our aim is to teach as many people as possible how to save lives. By using Virtual Reality, various scenarios and a CPR mannequin we can track y...
Shop for furniture in augmented reality
Houzz has launched an augmented reality app that lets you preview furniture picks in your home before you buy.
Shadow IoT Devices
Something is lurking on your network... Learn more about shadow IoT devices and how ForeScout can help give you visibility.
BlindPAD’s tablet for the vision-impaired
An innovative new tablet that uses magnetically configurable bumps may prove to be a powerful tool for translating information like maps and other ...
MEDI+SIGN, Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions
MEDI+SIGN is a connected health platform with Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions that are designed to improve satisfaction and coordination of care.
Bacteria can repair concrete buildings. Meet the self-healing concrete
Scientists are developing organic concrete that can repair itself. Bioconcrete is infused with bacteria named bacillus pseudofirmus. If a crack for...
Boom is bringing back commercial supersonic flight
Commercial travelers haven't had a supersonic option since the Concorde stopped flying in 2003, ending 3.5-hour trips from New York to Paris. Boom ...
Sending Text using Li - Fi | Li-Fi Prototype
This video shows a prototype of Lifi showing sending text using Lifi.
What is LIFI? | The B1M
Every light source in every office and home has the potential to transmit data. LIFI is the super-fast successor to WIFI, with speeds up to 100 tim...
How drones are changing mining
They’re performing with Lady Gaga at the Superbowl and taking over toy store shelves across the world. And our trials suggest they’ll help transfor...
Ever Seen a Swarm of Drones?
The possibilities are endless when it comes to drone hive minds.
Carpt: Autonomous vehicle platform
Carpt is a concept for an autonomous platform, designed for an emerging moment of transition between traditional transit and autonomous vehicle use...
Virtual Reality Now Gets Your Muscles Involved
Muscle stimulators and electrodes make users think they’re touching real objects in VR.
The New Helo LX The Worlds most Advanced Wearable Health Band
The 'Edible Water Bottle' that could bring an end to plastic bottled water
The water ball, named "Ooho!" is a biodegradable and natural membrane which can be fully swallowed and digested, as well as hydrating people in the...
The Lilium Jet – The world's first all-electric VTOL jet
The Lilium Jet successfully completed its maiden test flight series in the skies above Bavaria. The 2-seater Eagle prototype executed a range of co...
Dementia patients trial robots and virtual reality technology
A nursing home in Australia has introduced dementia patients to Alice the robot and virtual reality in a bid to help their social skills and memori...
Experience Augmented Reality Without the Need of a Headset
The Lightform computer projects images onto an object using a projector.
This hands-free crutch could help you heal faster
Students at Purdue University invented "The Clutch Crutch," a hands-free alternative to crutches.
This glove can give the disabled working hands
The Exo-Glove was created by a team at SNU Robotics, and it is helping some paralyzed people by allowing them to grasp and lift things up to a pound.
Soft Robotics' octopus-inspired robots industrial grippers
Boston-based Soft Robotics brings cephalopod-inspired robotic grippers to a wide variety of factories.
A painless way to give vaccines
Patients could one day self-administer vaccines using a needleless, pill-sized technology, called the MucoJet, that jet-releases a stream of vaccin...
Airbus' New Flying Car Concept Aims To Eliminate Traffic Forever
This new flying car concept aims to eliminate traffic forever.
This robot suitcase will follow you around
Travelmate is a fully autonomous smart suitcase that can go up to 6.75 mph. It has vertical and horizontal autonomous modes.
Introducing Holo - Mix your world with holograms
Holo is a mobile mixed reality app that lets you add 3D holograms to your real-world environment and take videos and photos you can share with frie...
BRIXO - Building Blocks Meet Electricity and IoT
BRIXO's electric bricks are normal sized building blocks that are anything but normal. It's like Lego® on steroids if steroids also gave you superp...
Hover Camera Passport - Self-Flying Camera
Hover Camera Passport is an autonomous self-flying camera that follows you and records your travel moments in 13MP photos and 4K video. You can now...
CES 2017: Cooler Master Augmented Reality App
Cooler Master was working with some serious Augmented Reality at CES 2017. With an app and a tablet, you could make virtual upgrades to a variety o...
This Simple Paper Centrifuge Could Revolutionize Global Health | WIRED
A Stanford researcher has created a groundbreaking scientific device using paper and string. It's called a paperfuge and it may be the answer to te...