Innovation Challenge
for participants in California
Patient Records for Humans
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The top finalists have been selected! Congratulations to the following entries (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Alfred
  2. CancerAid
  3. Lexigram
  4. MedMind
  5. Vesalius
About Humana

Humana (learn more) which is No. 53 on the Fortune list of largest U.S. companies, is the second-largest publicly traded administrator of Medicare health plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plans. As of June 30, 2017, Humana had more than 8.5 million Medicare members, with approximately 3.3 million Medicare Advantage members. For more than 50 years, Humana has been helping people improve and maintain their health through clinical excellence and coordinated care. The company’s successful history in care delivery and health plan administration is helping to create a new kind of integrated care with the power to improve health and well-being and lower costs.


We are looking for students, individuals and early stage startups (pre-seed and seed stage) based in California that are excited about opportunities to help in the healthcare space. Please refer to the Official Rules for additional details and eligibility requirements.

Traditionally, Humana and other health plans have stored digital health records in categorical databases. Medical claims, pharmacy claims, calls, letters, hospital stays, and health program partcipation are all stored in disparate places. With advanced data processing and analyics, it is now possible to assemble these data sources about a patient’s history into a chronological “story,” with all the different data elements stitched together into a logical time order. Now that the data is organized in a humanly meaningful way, the opportunity is to present the data through a tool simple enough to allow users to make sense of even the most complex chronic history. Feel free to explore use of visual and/or verbal interaction modes in helping users make best use of the data.

The view or voice driven interactions of a member’s story have many potential uses. This view of the member’s story can be used by doctors, care managers, customer-service associates, and certainly the patient and their family. In this challenge, Humana will offer, as an example, a full set of simulated data to power the design of the features, visualizations and voice driven interactions that can bring these complex data sets together into an understandable, navigable experience. This information does not limit you from using other fields and data; it’s simply an example, and you are welcome to utilize other simulated data that you believe adds value or is part of the future holistic picture of an individual’s health (i.e. genetics, social media activities, etc.).


Arrange and make the data available in a novel way.

  • Consumer - Understandable and engaging solution for Medicare members and their loved ones who care for them, empowering them to take more action on the insights and trends
  • Health care providers - (physicians, nurses, care managers, and other providers of care) - Streamlined solution with appropriate logic and hierarchy, helping care providers efficiently make sense of data and needed interventions for Medicare members

Teams can choose to develop a consumer-focused solution and/or a health care provider-focused solution. Whichever approach you choose, please present how Humana, a health-plan administrator, delivers value – by improving clinical quality, decreasing cost, and making it easier for people to achieve their best health.

Novel Approaches & Tools

We welcome teams that are leveraging design tools, animation tools and emerging technologies such as

  • Sketch, InDesign, Balsamiq, Azure, Adobe XD, etc.
  • Web experiences, tablets or smartphone apps
  • Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
Key Dates
Wednesday Nov 1, 2017 Applications Open
Sunday Dec 3, 2017 Online submissions Deadline (11:59 PM PST)
Friday Dec 8, 2017 Humana announces 6 finalist teams to present at Demo Day
Tuesday Dec 19, 2017 Demo Day - Finalists present in person at Humana in Palo Alto
1st place $10,000
2nd place $5,000
3rd place $2,500

Round One. The requirements for submissions are:

  1. A pdf document with no more than 6 slides including the title slide. The slides should cover the following topics clearly:
    • Describe the key customer problem being solved, your proposed solution, and how the approach is applicable and helpful to Humana.
    • Provide some highlights about each team member’s relevant experience.
  2. A video (no more than 2 minutes long) articulating the story and bringing your idea to life. (Smartphone or laptop quality is fine—this need not be professionally produced, and quality of production will not affect your score.)
Prototype Guidelines
  • The theme for this Design Challenge is “Patient Records for Humans.”
  • The prototype should demonstrate what a customer would experience visually, in audio, etc.
  • A technical prototype with UX is welcomed but not required; your score will not be adversely affected if you have not developed a software based prototype.
  • Teams are encouraged to showcase a demo with a use case that brings the solution to life, simulating movement/animation of the user experience.
  • Examples of a prototype include a mobile app, a website, animations, and video.

6 teams will be selected as finalists and invited to present in-person to a panel of industry experts.